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Becoming a vendor at Bowral Public School Market (BPSM) is a three-step process.

1. Visit the market and familiarise yourself with the existing stalls; applying to sell things that are very similar to already available items is probably not worthwhile.

2. Download the
BPSM Guidelines and Vendor Application. Carefully read these documents, then complete and submit the application form. We recommend you also send/email images of your product and any other pertinent information, such as copies of requisite certificates. Be aware that accepting a stall space at the BPSM is an acknowledgment that you understand and agree to comply with the Guidelines.

3. Upon receipt your application is assessed for compatibility with the mix of existing offerings and likely appeal. BPSM may contact you to clarify certain matters and will advise whether your application has been approved. Where successful you may be permitted to commence trading immediately or be added to a category wait list.

Once approved to commence trading you are welcomed on market day to set up and trade in accordance with the BPSM Guidelines.

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