Access to the darknet

The difference between the darknet and deepweb is how to get to these resources. To enter the “dark” Internet, special software tools are needed, the most popular of which are Tor and I2P browsers. This will allow you to surf the Tor domain territory, which has many mirrors in the I2P network. Browsers use several layers of encryption – chains of proxy servers, which are randomly selected.

Thus, the data packet is sequentially encrypted.

You can download browsers on their official websites: (Tor browser) and / (I2P). And to visit the web pages of the deep Internet (Deepweb), it is enough to know its exact address, not counting cases when authorization is required. Messengers as a new darkweb Research shows that criminal activity, as well as the number of users in messengers, has increased 30-fold over the year since July 2016. The main data of the study were invitations and links to group and private chats.