The goals and objectives of the darknet

The Darknet provides the users of the network with the absence of censorship and partial anonymity. The protection of its servers is provided by cryptographic means. Nevertheless, absolute anonymity cannot be guaranteed. To do this, you must follow the rules of behavior in the darknet. Myths that only terrorists, drug dealers and maniacs live in the “dark” part of the Network have filled the Internet. Although it is easier for criminals and maniacs to remain anonymous on the darknet and deepweb, this does not make this part of the Network an abode of evil. This opinion can be attributed to stereotypes. The Tor Project positions itself as an anonymous space for free communication, and according to their data, 1.5% of all Tor browser users visit darknet sites.

The rest use it to surf the Internet safely.

Nevertheless, if we do not take into account the artificially injected atmosphere around it, then the darknet looks very promising. In fact, it is what the World Wide Web was supposed to become: a space that lies outside the access of states, where you can share ideas and not be afraid of censorship.